After the Fontan

How Fontan patients fare in the long run


The report on early and late outcome after the Fontan repair for complex congenital heart defects like Tricuspid Atresia, Pulmonary Atresia, HLHS and Single Ventricle conditions.



Finding and reading your report helped me quite a bit. I
thought the coverage of the condition and circumstances behind
each predicted outcome where quite informative and helpful. I
appreciate the "English" version of this text, too. 

I think you did a wonderful job. I even gave our
school teacher my copy to take home and read so she could
understand the condition. She had less questions
after reading it. I think that says a lot.

-- Kim Paradise 

My husband and I have read your report thoroughly.

Overall we thought the report was very informative and written
in terms that were easy for us to understand.

-- Julia 

Dear Dr. Sivasubramanian:  Thank you for providing your
report "After the Fontan.  It was very complete and very
helpful.  Thank you for a very useful and much needed report.

-- Shelly Samples 

Dr. Sivasubramanian:

I used your report as a reference for a paper on one of my
pediatric patients.  It was one of the most informative
sources I found on the Fontan operation and its effects, and
therefore have no criticisms at this time.  Thank you for the

-- Karl Stempel, Student Nurse 

Dear Dr Sivasubramanian,

I could not come up with any specific parts of the document
that need improvement - it's a great, informative, easy to
follow report.

-- Rich Bihary 

Thank you so much for the e-book.  I found it very
informative.  This is the first information I have been able
to understand.   Thank you again.  Keep up the good work!

-- Debbie Taylor 

Dr. Siva,

I felt like all the information was very understandable.  I
was simply looking for easy to read information to help me
understand the surgery.

-- Cindy Shiller 

Dear Dr.,

Frankly, I can't get enough information.  Your report was
helpful to me and am so thankful that you do what you do to
help lives like mine. There isn't
a whole lot of info out there on this topic!!  I found it
quite adequate..scary in spots unfortunately but very

The long and short of it is thanks so much for all the time
you put into this.  I would imagine it's a lot!!  Keep the
info coming Dr. It's much appreciated!! Thanks again!!

-- Jane Montebianco 

Thank you for your report it was very informative.  The report 
helped us feel more comfortable. 

-- Eric 

Dear Dr. Sivasubramanian,

there would be nothing I would want to see changed in your
report.  It was very informing.  thank you.  

-- sharon woods
"Dear Dr, 
We found your report to be very informative and heartbreaking at times
with some of the outcomes and prediction- we are interested in
the PLE situation.  What is the prognosis, what is the best treatment 
to keep it at bay- thank you for your research- God Bless- 

-- Susan Zins 
 Dr, I really enjoyed the
Fontan report and am looking forward to the update. Thanks so

 -- Robin 

I felt that the fontan report was very thorough and detailed
although it would be next to impossible to get more specific
as there are many defects and many so rare!  I find the report
very valuable for friends and family to read for themselves. 
So many of us parents struggle to explain that our children
are not "all fixed" even if they look very healthy and that
they are not promised no further complications and no further
surgeries etc.

-- Janet Hof 

We found all the information you sent to us was very
informative.  We soon came to an understanding of what was
going to take place and we soon found peace.  Thanks for
educating us on what to expect.

-- Linda & Ruben Santos 

Continue your excellent work. It is a good booklet for parents
and doctors as well.  

-- N.Murali 

Dear Dr Sivasubramanian,

Overall we would your publication very readable and extremely

-- James McAllister

We treasured the info from your report, we felt you covered
all aspects of the Fontan. Thank you for keeping us informed.

-- Judith and Jonathan Nichols 

Dear Doctor,

(sorry, but my english is not that good....)

We've learned a lot from reading  your report. It was written
in a way that even we could understand it.  You have no idea
how much support you give us by sharing the information you've
gathered with your research . Thank you! Sincerely, 

-- Stefan en Yvonne. 

I found your report extremely well written.  I found the area
of complications of the bdg wounderfully wrote.  I have spent
months researching things on the web. I have
printed up many story,articles,data, Yours has been my

-- The Vallees 

Dear Dr Siva,

Just want you to know I think your "After the Fontan report"
is amazing!! I really appreciate all the details, I think you
answer difficult questions that all parents want to know.
Please continue to provide as many statistics and detailed
info as possible. Keep up the great work. It is very important
to us parents of children with CHD. Sincerely, 

-- Beth Kotecki

Dr.Sivasubramanian Sivasubramanian, Thank you so much for keeping me
informed about the Fontan proceedure. Originally, I requested
it as an information tool regarding this surgical procedure. 
I found your booklet to be of much help.  It helped me to
understand the condition and the Fontan in a complete manner.
Thanks again. 

-- Karen Cofino RN 

Dr. Sivasubramanian:  I found the information in your report After The
Fontan to be extremely informative.  Your report entitled
After the Extra-Cardiac Fontan was even more helpful.
Obviously we are scared, but I am an optimist, and I believe
that everything will be OK, its just the uncertainty that is
unnerving.  Your reports are most helpful in removing some of
the uncertaintly.  Thanks so much.   

-- Pope McLean, Jr.  


Your report "After the Fontan" was most informative.  In fact,
this was about the only real information I could find that
gave me any idea of what the future might hold. Thank you so
much for making this information available to the public. 

-- Marsha Pasciak 

The topic was thoroughly covered and the paper well-written. 
I don't know how you manage to write, do research, and
communicate with subscribers on top of doing surgery and
taking care of patients--but I'm glad you do.  You have my
respect and admiration. 

-- Eve Bradshaw

I found your report extremely helpful. The information on the
newer developments were very useful. The survival rates
offered for both were of concern yet I am glad they were
included as they were more encouraging than other material I
had read.

I want to thank you again for helping me and my entire family
through a difficult time. The report helped us explain things
more clearly to family and friends. Thank you,

-- Mary-Kay Caler 

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